"A walking contradiction"
by Judith Johnson Kypta

He suffered from an affliction
Now he's a walking contradiction
To everything the medical books state

He was nearly blind.......
And could barely hear a word
Crippled up... and walked with a gait

He went to many doctors
For an expert evaluation
They offered no help
Other...Than giving medication

One day while watching T.V.
He heard a preacher say
"God will heal our bodies
If we have faith and pray!"

He thought on what the preacher said
Then prayed...On crippled knees
Saying "God, I place my faith in you,
Now heal my body.....Please"

It was a plain and simple prayer
That he prayed...Everyday
His eyesight soon, became clearer
And he "Heard" what people would say

His knees began to straighten out
He stopped walking...With a gait
His body was "Miraculously" healed
By "Our God" who is so great!

So now when down on bended knee
It is 'Thanks to the Lord' he is giving
Singing praises everyday, everywhere
For God's touch, Is why he is living!

Copyright ©2004 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved
Revised 2005

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